Egypt: Kom Ombo Temple


Necessity and Nubians: The Nile and the importance of a River

Andy Paul

The train rattled and clacked down the track. I sat cross legged, scribbling in my notebook as best as I could, looking up frequently to see neat green fields and palms lining the river. The Nile is Egypt. It is its past, present and future. From satellite images, you can see just how quickly the blue vein lined in green turns to tan desert. As the train chugged towards Aswan from Cairo, I noticed just how quickly this transition happens in some places.

Before being switched to Cairo, the original capital of Anicent Egypt was at Luxor, also known as Thebes. This area and the South, known as Upper Egypt boast some of the finest temples remaining in the country and is home to a deeply river based culture.

Here are some images from around Aswan, Abu Simbal and Luxor, capturing the ancient, modern and all revealing the importance of…

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The Jolly Good News

Heracleion-_2548190bFor centuries it was thought to be a legend, a city of extraordinary wealth mentioned in Homer, visited by Helen of Troy and Paris, her lover, but apparently buried under the sea. In fact, Heracleion was true, and a decade after divers began uncovering its treasures, archaeologists have produced a picture of what life was like in the city in the era of the pharaohs.

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Dodgy driving, a mildly mad gardener and visits to the souk

Our Egypt Adventure

April has been a bit of a ‘stay at home’ month for us. Unless you count the very long one day trip to Hurghada and back, early in the month, which turned into a bit of an adventure!

I am constantly horrified at the driving habits of the local population, and always feel extremely grateful when we arrive home in one piece! I try not to think about the risks we take when travelling on the roads. We never travel at night, however even in broad daylight, the number of near misses I have seen astound me. I usually sit in the back seat with my ipod on very loud and my eyes squeezed shut for the entire journey.

This time we stopped briefly in El Quiser, a little town, about 90 minutes drive north of Marsa Alam. We got tangled up in a foray with an articulated truck which…

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