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HOLY BASIL (Ocimum sanctum): Also known as Tulsi, this plant is actually considered sacred by many people in India. As such, it can be found growing in temple gardens, where the rich fragrance opens respiratory passages and some say, help the spirit soar.

Tulsi is one of the most sacred plants of India. Basil opens the heart and mind, bestowing the energy of love and devotion. Basil strengthens the immune system, increasing prana or life force and improving the memory. A nerve tonic, improving absorption and strengthening the nerve tissue, also used externally for various skin conditions. This plant is found in most East Indian households as it absorbs positive ions, energizes negative ions, and liberates ozone from the suns rays. Found in our spicenlightenment Vata aromatherapy Candle and spicebodhi Vata body bar.

Holy Basil’s key compounds, including eugenol and caryophyllene, are similar to those found…

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