The Amarna Tablets

The Seven Worlds

Amarna_tabletThe El-Amarna Tablets

The El-Amarna tablets archive mostly diplomatic correspondence between the Egyptian [Kemet] administration and its representatives in Canaan and Amurru [=Amarna and capital Elam] during the New Kingdom. The letters were found in Egypt at the former capital of Akhetaten (Eighteenth dynasty).

The known tablets total 382.The correspondence spans a period of at most thirty years. Some of these letters, comprising cuneiform tablets mostly written in Akkadian – the regional language of diplomacy in Mesopotamia for the period – were first discovered around 1887 by local Arabs.

The tablets have been scattered among museums: 202 or 203 are at the Vorderasiatisches Museum in Berlin; 80 in the British Museum; 49 or 50 at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo; seven at the Louvre; three at the Pushkin Museum; and one in the collection of the Oriental Institute in Chicago.

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