The Resilience of Kids

Go Beyond

The children of the Zabbaleen, Cairo’s garbage people, have been on my heart since my trip to Egypt last month. Life for these kids is difficult at best. The only childhood they know is that of living among piles of garbage. They have no fear of filth because, from the time they are able to walk, these kids help their parents sort through collected heaps of Cairo’s cast-offs in search of items to sell. Every family member must get their hands dirty in order for the family to make enough money to live from day-to-day.

Zabbaleen Boys
As you might imagine, living among and working with garbage has its risks. The Zabbaleen kids are susceptible to disease because they have no concept of how germs and disease are transmitted. They do not wear gloves nor do they have sufficient clean water with which to wash their hands. They pick through garbage…

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